NatePhoenix of Tennessee, Inc., based out of Nashville, TN was incorporated in April of 2003.

Phoenix of Tennessee derived its name through the Rising Phoenix from the ashes, due to the history of the company. Rebel Communications, Inc. (founded in 1995) was sold in 2001 to Spectrasite Communications. In March of 2003 the assets were purchased back. The original company, in the original warehouse, with many of the original employees and management, started anew. Hence the Phoenix has risen!

And risen they have! Phoenix has expanded from its core of 15 personnel and 1 office in 2003, to 80 employees and 6 offices.
Currently Phoenix has offices located in Nashville TN, Atlanta GA, Houston TX, Baton Rouge LA, Phoenix AZ and Orlando FL. Phoenix of Tennessee holds General Contractors Licenses in the following States: Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Lexington KY, and Cleveland OH. We also have Electrical Contractors License in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.

Providers of Quality Telecommunication Services

  • Tower Modifications
  • Raw-land Site Installation
  • Civil Engineering
  • Tower Erection
  • System Installation for Telecommunications & Broadcast
  • Tower Maintenance
  • Tower Inspections
  • Project Management

We are dedicated to providing your project with superior results offered by our skilled, specialty trained, safety oriented and goal driven employees.

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